Clinical Training

In cooperation with the Hokkaido University Hospital, trainees have opportunities to acquire a comprehensive overview of examination, diagnosis, and treatment by observing an experienced practitioner in child and adolescent psychiatry.The target diseases are mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), tic disorder, eating disorders, somatic symptom disorders, and/or adjustment disorders.

To plan an effective treatment plan for each patient, semi-structured interviews with validated questionnaires, blood testing, brainwave imaging, MRI/CT scans, and various psychological tests are carried out, depending on the needs of individual patients.Strong links with the Department of Pediatrics also allow us to assess children both mentally and physically from biopsychosocial perspectives.

Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists and therapists work hand in hand to provide a wide range of effective treatments, including psychotherapy, family counseling, or medical treatment case by case , all dependent on EBM. Our department also regularly collaborates with educational institutions, welfare agencies, and judicial branches to provide the best care for each child.